Senator Sarlo is a primary sponsor of the following bills:

S136Permits sale of home-baked goods under certain circumstances.SHH
S153The "New Jobs for New Jersey Act." ACE
S353Phases out estate tax over five-year period.SBA
S361Provides for voluntary contributions by taxpayers on gross income tax returns for development of Northern New Jersey Veterans Memorial CemeteryP.L. 2014 c.4
S393Expands DNA database to include samples from disorderly persons who are fingerprinted and permits law enforcement officers to collect certain biological samples.SBA
S405Establishes State payment in lieu of taxes to municipalities for loss of revenues due to an overburden of tax-exempt cemetery property; appropriates $66 million.SCU
S458Establishes "New Jersey Fire and EMS Crisis Intervention Services" telephone hotline. SLP
S671Requires DHS and DMVA to conduct or contract for follow-up studies of former residents transitioning to community from their facilities.* SBA
S679Allows establishment of county-wide purchasing system for certain school district services in certain counties; offers employment protections for certain food or custodial services employees; and regulates subcontracting by districts and public higher education institutions. SED
S738Creates a Business Court. SJU
S739Requires Police Training Commission to develop accelerated training course for certain corrections officersSLP
S740Increases penalties for counterfeiting if the offense creates risk of bodily injury, serious bodily injury or death; creates new offense within Criminal Code of counterfeiting products related to health.SJU
S741Permits State Lottery Commission to authorize video lottery terminals at Meadowlands horse racetrack, subject to voter approval. SSG
S742Requires that each school district conducting an interscholastic athletic program must employ one or more school athletic trainers. SED
S743Enacts "Truth in Caller Identification Act"; prohibits manipulation of certain telephone caller identification information.SCU
S744Adds certain crimes as crimes which have bail restrictions. SJU
S745Establishes the number of students to be supported under the veterinary medicine education program and a service requirement for students who participate in the program.SED
S746Establishes "New Jersey Gaming Industry Study Commission" to evaluate impact of enacted gaming and technological reforms and explore future prospects for casino gaming and horse racing in this State. SSG
S747Excludes appropriations to reserve for uncollected taxes in excess of two percent from calculations of municipal adjusted tax levy. SCU
S748Revises responsibility for meadowlands adjustment payments. SCU
S749Imposes surcharge on motor vehicle offenses to fund upgraded electronic systems for police vehiclesSLP
S750Increases workers' compensation for loss of hand or foot; requires Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development to study effectiveness of workers' compensation program. SLA
S751Establishes Solar Thermal Expansion Loan and Grant program; appropriates $10 million. SEN
S752Prohibits persons under 19 from smoking in public and purchasing tobacco products. SHH
S753Increases monetary penalties to be assessed upon conviction for Megan's Law offenses and fixes amount of penalty. SLP
S754The "Green Building and Infrastructure Tax Credit Act"; provides tax credits for certain green buildings. SBA
S755Provides certain exemptions from sales and use tax for compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, or propane fueled vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and for equipment used for refueling or recharging certain vehicles. SEN
S756Creates Sporting Event Facility License to permit sale of alcoholic beverages in stadiums and arenas on public property. SLP
S757Increases penalties for improper prescribing of drugsSHH
S758Expands NJ Meadowlands Commission responsibilities to include flood control activities.SEN
S759Revises population formula for issuance of certain plenary retail consumption licenses. W
S760Sets forth certain requirements for sale of alcoholic beverages for off-premise consumption of plenary retail distribution licensees or certain retail consumption licenses. W
S761Revises law concerning the rights and responsibilities of motor vehicle franchisees and franchisors. W
S762Adds to property tax levy cap exclusions increases in flood insurance premiums. AV
S779"Garden State Film and Digital Media Jobs Act"; expands existing film and digital media production tax credit programs. ACE
S784Makes FY 2013 supplemental appropriation to DOH for $7,453,000 for family planning services. AAP
S927Revises law concerning the rights and responsibilities of motor vehicle franchisees and franchisors2RS
S943The "Adopt a Stormwater Management Basin Act." AEN
S968Removes examination and educational course requirements for licensure as a real estate referral agent. SCU
S1049Concerns school bus safety inspections. SED
S1277Removes limousine services from sales and use tax imposition. STR
S1289Revises law concerning the rights and responsibilities of motor vehicle franchisees and franchisors. SCM
S1571Designates State Highway Route No. 71 bridge between Borough of Belmar and Borough of Avon-by-the-Sea as "Robert A. Briant, Sr. Memorial Bridge."P.L. 2014 c.30
S1690Reduces thresholds for certain heroin offenses.SJU
S1738Authorizes creation of urban enterprise zones in Garfield, Harrison and Keansburg as well as a joint urban enterprise zone in Cliffside Park and Fairview. SEG
S1956Requires health insurers, group health plans, SHBP, and SEHBP to share certain health benefits information with Medicaid and other State programs. SHH
S1962Requires property record cards and tax maps prepared in conjunction with revaluations to be produced in electronic format. SCU
S1987Prohibits the DOE from regulating the maximum salary amount a school district may pay its superintendent of schools.SBA
S2014Adjusts the FY2014 budget by making supplemental appropriations totaling $33,348,000 and modifying language provisions. P.L. 2014 c12
S2015Appropriates $32,537,765,000 in State funds and $15,013,691,000 in federal funds for the State budget for fiscal year 2014-2015.* P.L. 2014 c14
S2056Requires Division of Local Government Services to include certain property tax information on division's web page. SCU
S2173Directs Higher Education Student Assistance Authority to forgive certain student loans in the event of the borrower's death. SED
S2235Eliminates consumer data collection requirements for certain gift cards. ACO
S2246Reinstates transportation planning district for Meadowlands District. ATR
S2276Reinserts in FY 2015 Appropriations Act language that was omitted due to a technical problem. P.L. 2014 c.15
S2285Imposes 66 percent tax on gross gaming revenue from wagering at Meadowlands Complex casino; provides distribution to State General Fund, CRDA, and Hackensack Meadowlands Tax Sharing Stabilization Fund. SSG
S2321Designates State Highway Route 17 in Waldwick Borough as "Christopher Goodell Memorial Highway." 2RS
S2368Makes FY 2015 supplemental appropriation to DHS for $5 million for substance abuse prevention, and requires substance abuse prevention programs to be evidence-based.SHH
S2371Directs poison control and drug information program to establish clearinghouse of drug overdose information, report on trends, and provide education on safe storage and disposal of medications; appropriates $500,000. SHH
S2374Increases Medicaid reimbursement rates for certain evidence-based behavioral health services. SHH
S2412"Water Infrastructure Protection Act," SEN
S2413Eliminates language in FY 2015 appropriation act that restricts participation of certain institutions in the Tuition Aid Grant program. SHI
S2443Revises population formula for issuance of certain plenary retail consumption licenses.
SCR127Proposes constitutional amendment giving Legislature authority to establish not more than two casinos outside of Atlantic City. SSG
SCR131Proposes constitutional amendment requiring increased distributions of certain municipal aid over five years to restore aid reductions. SCU
SR92Urges State of New York not to approve development of casino in Sterling Forest. FILE


Bill History Abbreviations
1RS Introduced 1st Reading in the Senate
1RSG First Reading in the Senate to Concur with Governor’s Recommendations
2RA Second Reading in the Assembly
2RS Second Reading in the Senate
2RSC Second Reading in the Senate to Concur with Assembly Amendments
AV Absolute Veto
FILE Filed with Secretary of State
FSS Resolutions and Concurrent Resolutions Filed w/Sec. of State
PBH Passed Both Houses
PS Passed Senate
PV Pocket Veto
W Withdrawn from the Files

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SLA Labor
SLP Law and Public Safety
SMV Military and Veterans’ Affairs
SSG State Government,Wagering, Tourism and Historic Preservation
STR Transportation

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