Senator Sarlo has been the primary sponsor of 214 bills that have been signed into law:

Category/YearBill NumberDescription 
2010-2011Senate Bill 2444Requires certain owners of foreclosed property to file contact information with municipality and common interest community.* P.L.2011, c.222.
2010-2011Senate Bill 2930Revises method of regulation and collection of surplus lines insurance premium taxes. P.L.2011, c.119.
2010-2011Senate Bill 895Eliminates 10 day advance notification of proposed effective date of certain shareholder action. P.L.2010, c.15.
2010-2011Senate Bill 936Requires consumer complaints to licensing boards of regulated professions to be resolved within 120 days. P.L.2010, c.17.
2012-2013Senate Bill 2190Allows license suspension or revocation of certain health care professionals and medical waste facilities, generators, and transporters for willful illegal or improper medical waste disposal. P.L.2012, c.65.
2012-2013Senate Bill 2556Modifies rights of judgment creditor of limited liability company member; makes certain technical corrections to the "Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act." * P.L.2013, c.276.
2012-2013Senate Bill 742"Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act." P.L.2012, c.50.
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 2553Concerns franchisors' assignment of interest relating to franchisees engaged in the retail sale of motor fuel. P.L.2009, c.63
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 2246Provides that corporate by-laws may allow corporation to eliminate plurality voting for corporate directors. P.L.2009, c.10
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 2245Allows officers of corporation to grant employees and officers of corporation shares of stock, rights or options. P.L.2009, c.159
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 2050Allows certain corporate notices to be provided via electronic transmission. P.L.2009, c.176
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 2049Provides one hour and two hour service options for expedited over the counter corporate service requests. P.L.2009, c.177
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1807Permits three year payoff of accumulated deficits of municipal health insurance funds. P.L.2009, c.231
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1547Removes maximum price limitation for sale of certain tickets of admission to places of entertainment. P.L.2008, c.55
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 276Clarifies certain restrictions on sending unsolicited fax advertisements over telephone lines. P.L.2007, c.85
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 275Exempts members of fraternal benefit societies from insurance producer licensing requirements in certain circumstances. P.L.2006, c.57
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 2630Clarifies law on incorporation of religious societies or congregations by eliminating outdated references to specific religious groups; lowers age requirement for those electing trustees for purpose of incorporation. P.L.2007, c.231
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 342Prohibits transmission of certain unsolicited fax advertisements over telephone lines. P.L.2005, c.114
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 2503Changes licensing requirements for home inspectors. P.L.2005, c.201
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1999Prohibits telemarketers from using technology designed to misrepresent their identity. P.L.2005, c.289
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1881Delays implementation of "Contractors' Registration Act." P.L.2004, c.155
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1753Establishes licensing requirements and standards for pharmaceutical wholesale distribution. P.L.2005, c.206
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1590Revises scope of practice of optometrists. P.L.2004, c.115
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1467Revises "grandfathering" provisions for eligibility to be a licensed home inspector. P.L.2004, c. 18
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 2711Revises procedure for reassessment of certain real property by assessor and appeal of assessment by certain property taxpayers. P.L.2009, c.251
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 2372Permits revenue received by municipality as payments in lieu of taxes to increase cap base upon which permissible increases to final appropriations are calculated under local cap law. P.L.2009, c.149
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1307Authorizes municipalities operating under State fiscal year to revert to calendar fiscal year. P.L.2008, c.92
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 2188Permits the charging of fee for capital contribution for purpose of defraying common expenses; validates certain bylaws. P.L.2007, c.165
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 330Authorizes appointment of unpaid deputy sheriffs in certain counties. P.L.2004, c.149
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 297Requires value engineering clause in specifications for certain construction contracts under Local Public Contracts Law. P.L.2005, c.67
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 167Regulates contractors engaging in home improvements. P.L.2004, c.16
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 155Permits municipalities to adopt school-time curfew ordinances for juveniles. P.L.2005, c.23
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1289Permits appointment of up to four alternate members to municipal zoning boards of adjustment. P.L.2004, c.105
2002-2003Assembly Bill 1958Clarifies that assessments for local improvements are continuous lien on land from effective date ordinance or resolution authorizing assessment. P.L.2002, c.15
2010-2011Senate Bill 2441Requires BPU orders to be issued in writing and posted on Internet.P.L.2011, c.63.
2010-2011Senate Bill 3052Establishes Small Business Loan Program in EDA allowing certain small businesses to be eligible for low interest rate loans of up to $250,000 to expand their businesses. P.L.2011, c.201.
2010-2011Senate Bill 3156Extends validity of wastewater service area and sewer service area designations, and revises certain aspects of wastewater management planning process. P.L.2011, c.203.
2010-2011Senate Bill 3164Directs BPU to establish online process for submission of required documents by BPU regulated and licensed entities. P.L.2011, c.221.
2012-2013Senate Bill 581"New Jersey Angel Investor Tax Credit Act;" provides credits against corporation business and gross income taxes for investing in New Jersey emerging technology businesses. P.L.2013, c.14.
2012-2013Senate Bill 743Extends expiration date of certain permits pursuant to the "Permit Extension Act of 2008." P.L.2012, c.48.
2012-2013Senate Bill 79Creates crime of threatening the life of certain animals; designated as Dano and Valder's Law.** P.L.2013, c.137.
2012-2013Senate Bill 1753Clarifies requests for proposals of public entities implementing energy savings improvement program contracts. P.L.2012, c.55.
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 4Establishes the "Main Street Business Assistance Program;" appropriates $50 million. P.L. 2008, c. 17
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 3137Extends expiration date of certain permits pursuant to "Permit Extension Act of 2008." P.L.2009, c.336
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 2577Permits conversion of age-restricted housing units to non-age-restricted housing units and modifies laws concerning affordable housing. P.L.2009, c.82
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1919The "Permit Extension Act of 2008." P.L.2008, c.78
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 2739Authorizes use of logo and warning light for certain public utilities employees. P.L.2007, c.242
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 2491Broadens the exception for small businesses under the UEZ sales tax rebate program.P.L.2007, c.328
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 2040Provides for special licenses to serve alcoholic beverages in smart growth development projects; allows for sale of certain plenary retail consumption licenses for use in such projects.P.L.2007, c.351
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 2928Expands certain powers of New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority to establish and develop professional football league training facilities. P.L.2005, c.302
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 2703Ratifies the SMART Research and Development Compact in New Jersey; appropriates $25,000. P.L.2005, c.377
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 2309Authorizes New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority to establish the New Jersey Hall of Fame within the Meadowlands complex. P.L.2005, c.232
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 2247Provides for appointment of a BPU Business Ombudsman to assist businesses with energy issues. P.L.2005, c.215
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1564Expands bonding power authorized under P.L.2001, c.310 and extends scope of power to include projects undertaken under auspices of the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission. P.L.2004, c.112
2002-2003Assembly Bill 2148Authorizes local governments to finance animal shelter and care facilities operated by nonprofit organizations. P.L.2003, c.289
2010-2011Senate Bill 1287Makes position of treasurer of school moneys optional. P.L.2010, c.39.
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 655Directs the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association to establish adapted athletic programs. P.L. 2009, c. 109
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 339Requires county colleges to award college credits to firefighters for certain courses completed at county fire academies. P.L.2005, c.217
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 337Provides that charter school administrators and trustees are subject to provisions of School Ethics Act. P.L.2004, c.131
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1970Requires children who wear eyeglasses to wear protective eyewear while participating in certain sports activities. P.L.2005, c.306
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1431Establishes New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (NJ QSAC), a new State monitoring system for public school districts. P.L.2005, c.235
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1298Requires certain public entities to competitively bid in order to provide pupil transportation services to a local school district. P.L.2005, c.84
2002-2003Assembly Bill 3168Prohibits smoking on school busses, even if students are not present. P.L.2003, c.233
2002-2003Assembly Bill 2698Requires Commissioner of Education to notify certain public officials upon receipt of an application for a charter school. P.L.2002, c.123
2002-2003Assembly Bill 2166Strengthens screening procedures for school bus driversP.L.2003, c.66
2002-2003Assembly Bill 1874Requires school districts to adopt harassment and bullying prevention policies. P.L.2002, c.83
2012-2013Senate Bill 1781Reappropriates $3 million from "Dam, Lake, Stream, Flood Control, Water Resources, and Wastewater Treatment Project Bond Act of 2003" to fund State flood control projects. P.L.2013, c.100.
2012-2013Senate Bill 3107Provides extended validity to wastewater service area designations and sewer service area designations, and revises certain aspects of wastewater management planning process. P.L.2013, c.188.
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 795Appropriates $33 million from "Garden State Green Acres Preservation Trust Fund" for State acquisition of lands for recreation and conservation purposes. P.L.2008, c.3
2006 - 2007SenateBill 2762Makes certain changes to the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust Financing Program. P.L.2007, c.138
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 2631Requires State to replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs; requires BPU to educate public on benefits of compact fluorescent light bulbs. P.L.2007, c.156
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 332Establishes minimum energy efficiency standards for certain products. P.L.2005, c.42
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 2694Appropriates $30,000,000 to the DEP from the "Wastewater Treatment Bond Act of 1985" for grants to or on behalf of local government units for wastewater treatment system projects. P.L.2005, c.301
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 2640Appropriates $65,822,075 from "Garden State Green Acres Preservation Trust Fund" and various Green Acres bond funds, and appropriates or reappropriates certain other moneys, for local government open space acquisition and park development projects in "urbP.L.2005, c.183
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 2586Appropriates funds to DEP for environmental infrastructure projects. P.L.2005, c.196
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1646Appropriates funds to DEP for environmental infrastructure projects. P.L.2004, c.109
2002-2003Senate Bill 2802Appropriates $12,377,500 from “Garden State Green Acres Preservation Trust Fund” for local government open space acquisition and park development projects in northern NJ. P.L.2003, c.239
2002-2003Assembly Bill 2585Makes changes to the law concerning the cleanup of hazardous substances. P.L.2003, c.224
2002-2003Assembly Bill 2437Expands redevelopment agreement program to provide incentives for residential development of contaminated sites.P.L.2002, c.87
2002-2003Assembly Bill 1201Appropriates $11.5 million from “Garden State Green Acres Preservation Trust Fund” for local government open space acquisition and park development projects in northern New Jersey. P.L.2003, c.85
2012-2013Senate Bill 374Exempts from sales tax cosmetic makeup services provided in conjunction with reconstructive breast surgery; designated as "Jen's Law." *P.L.2013, c.193.
2008 - 2009Senate Joint Resolution 29Designates last week in May of each year as "Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Awareness Week."P.L.2009, JR-8
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 2489Provides for religious accommodation regarding admission procedures at licensed health care facilities. P.L.2007, c.216
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 2401Requires hospital trustees to undergo training approved by DHSS. P.L.2007, c.74
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 1604Establishes Prescription Monitoring Program in Division of Consumer Affairs and provides division with authority over registration and control of controlled dangerous substances.P.L.2007, c.244
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 1225Prohibits minors under 14 from using tanning facilities and requires written parental consent for minors 14 to 18. P.L.2006, c.48
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 862Requires insurers and SHBP to cover mammograms for women under 40 under certain circumstancesP.L.2004, c.86
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 840Requires health care providers to offer parents of infants option to screen for disorders for which State does not require screening. P.L.2004, c.12
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 2090Revises fiscal year 2005 budget language concerning rates of reimbursement for medical day care services. P.L.2005, c.69
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1214Revises charity care distribution formula. P.L.2004, c.113
2002-2003Assembly Resolution 233Urges the Port Authority of NY and NJ to implement discounted PATH fares for senior citizens and persons with a disability.
2010-2011Senate Bill 3181Eliminates the term "mentally defective" from the Criminal Code.* P.L.2011, c.232.
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 986Permits surcharge of up to 22% to offset private collection fees for certain delinquent debts owed to courts, counties, and municipalities. P.L.2009, c.233
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 550Requires certain fiduciaries to post bond, and provides for accounting to court if beneficiary is developmentally disabled.P.L. 2009, c. 140
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 2763Eliminates statute of limitations in cases brought under the "Survivor's Act" where the death resulted from muder or manslaughter under certain circumstances. P.L.2009, c.266
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 2563Makes permanent certain Special Civil Part fees. P.L.2009, c.32
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 2294Adds contact via electronic device to prohibited contact enumerated in permanent restraining orders for convicted stalkers.P.L.2009, c.232
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1471Authorizes court to provide alternatives for persons who default in payment of fines. P.L.2009, c.317
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 2112Permits oaths, affirmations and affidavits to be taken by certified court reporters. P.L.2007, c.73
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 2320Restricts sales of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine and criminalizes possession of anhydrous ammonia under certain circumstances. P.L.2005, c.207
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1429Makes it a crime to lure or entice another for the purpose of committing a crime via electronic or any other means including the Internet. P.L.2005, c. 1
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1428Upgrades unlawful possession and distribution of prescription legend drugs. P.L.2005, c. 205
2002-2003Senate Bill 184Establishes Office of the Child AdvocateP.L.2003, c.187
2002-2003Assembly Bill 911creates the “September 11th, 2001 Anti-Terrorism Act.” P.L.2002, c.26
2002-2003Assembly Bill 3226Upgrades penalties for theft of identity and the selling, manufacturing, possessing, or exhibiting of false government documents; allows for civil action for victims of identity theft. P.L.2003, c.184
2002-2003Assembly Bill 3051Amends “Three Strikes” law to clarify that it applies to crimes committed on separate occasions regardless of the dates of conviction. P.L.2003, c.48
2002-2003Assembly Bill 2378Criminalizes desecration of human remains. P.L.2002, c.127
2002-2003Assembly Bill 1651Provides for an attachment order to freeze certain funds or assets relating to terrorism. P.L.2003, c.22
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 562Provides triggers for reductions of employer unemployment insurance taxes. P.L. 2009, c. 144
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 3071Permits certain managers and deputy attorneys general of the State to negotiate collectively under the "New Jersey Employer-Employee Relations Act;" changes definition of managerial executives and removes confidential status of deputy attorneys general anP.L.2009, c.314
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 2865Transfers management, administration and duties of "the workers' compensation security fund" to the New Jersey Property-Liability Insurance Guaranty Association. P.L.2009, c.327
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 2427Revises conditions to qualify for exemptions from electrical contracting permit requirements for electrical installation, repair and maintenance work done by public employees on public property.P.L.2009, c.284
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1918Requires Insurance Fraud Prosecutor to establish liaison with DOLWD and authorizes its investigation of cases of failure to provide workers' compensation coverage. P.L.2008, c.121
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1917Revises membership of Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau and clarifies its authority.P.L.2008, c.97
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1916Concerns emergent medical care under workers' compensation. P.L.2008, c.96
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1915Requires proof of workers' compensation coverage with certain legally required annual reports of employers.P.L.2008, c.95
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1914Strengthens enforcement against employers for failure to provide workers' compensation coverage. P.L.2008, c.94
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1913Increases power of judges of compensation to enforce workers' compensation law. P.L.2008, c.93
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1813Requires owners and employees of international labor matching or matchmaking organizations to undergo background check and these organizations' recruits be given domestic violence information. P.L.2009, c.152
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1421Requires reporting of wage records under certain solid waste contracts. P.L.2009, c.88
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 2488Makes it unlawful to discriminate against employees because of religious practices. P.L.2007, c.325
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 1923Prohibits payment of temporary disability benefits when disability is incurred as result of fourth degree crime or gross misconduct. P.L.2007, c.322
2002-2003Assembly Resolution 90Memorializes counties and municipalities to maintain and improve public playgrounds in accordance with new safety standards as soon as possible.
2010-2011Senate Bill 2308Removes certain required parole board reviews of parole eligibility dates; repeals early release law. * P.L.2011, c.67.
2012-2013Senate Bill 1904Allows for the issuance of special licenses to sell alcoholic beverages in qualifying development projects. P.L.2013, c.63.
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 656Permits qualified trustee to hold interest in alcoholic beverage license for qualified beneficiary under age 18. P.L. 2008, c. 56
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 3104Provides certain exemptions from law prohibiting purchase of more than one handgun in a 30-day period. P.L.2009, c.186
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 2845Criminalizes certain actions in or on utility company's property. P.L.2009, c.283
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 2098Revises law concerning tastings and samplings conducted by certain alcoholic beverage licensees. P.L.2009, c.216
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1337Establishes Organized Retail Theft Task Force. P.L.2008, c.108
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1336Provides certain law enforcement officers and firefighters regain pay status when appeals of termination are not resolved within 180 days. P.L.2009, c.16
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 2940Creates offenses of gang criminality and promoting organized street crime. P.L.2007, c.341
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 273Criminalizes organized retail theft and establishes crime of leader of organized retail theft enterprise. P.L.2006, c.56
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 269Permits law enforcement officers, including county sheriff and corrections officers, to participate in intergovernmental transfer program; permits waive of accumulated sick leave and seniority privileges by such officers. P.L.2006, c.77
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 265Concerns sale or lease of unsafe or recalled children's products.P.L.2007, c.124
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 2431Establishes as crime of the second degree unlawful possession of certain handguns.P.L.2007, c.284
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 2387Establishes certificate of rehabilitation for certain persons with criminal records. P.L.2007, c.327
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 2043"The Reduced Cigarette Ignition Propensity and Firefighter Protection Act."P.L.2007, c.86
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 1789Establishes that "45-day" rule applies to corrections officers, sheriff's officers, New Jersey Transit police officers and paid firefighters. P.L.2006, c.54
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 1359Concerns fire emergency procedures. P.L.2006, c.8
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 948Provides for State and county coordination of emergency response programs. P.L.2005, c.3
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 515Requires submission of Juvenile Justice Commission master plan and county youth services plans every three years. P.L.2005, c.164
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 334Upgrades penalties for certain assaults committed against employees of public utilities, cable television or telecommunication services. P.L.2005, c.2
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 2630Expands information which provider of electronic communication or remote computing services must disclose to authorized law enforcement agency. P.L.2005, c.270
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1672Prohibits radio transmissions without license from FCC and radio transmissions that interfere with licensed public or commercial radio stations. P.L.2005, c.293
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1504Requires municipal prosecutors to review and transmit to judge prior to sentencing motor vehicle abstracts of certain offenders. P.L.2004, c.185
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1208Clarifies certain exception from publication on sex offender Internet registry. P.L.2004, c.151
2002-2003Senate Bill 2659Clarifies that lifetime community supervision for sex offenders is parole supervisionP.L.2003, c.267
2002-2003Assembly Resolution 269Memorializes President and Congress to uphold states’ authority concerning predatory lending practices.
2002-2003Assembly Bill 2953Criminalizes fraudulent solicitation and collection of funds on behalf of charities.P.L.2003, c.43
2002-2003Assembly Bill 2917Empowers Federal Reserve law enforcement officers to make arrests for certain violations of New Jersey law. P.L.2003, c.139
2002-2003Assembly Bill 1955Appropriates $27,242,400 in federal funds for bioterrorism preparedness. P.L.2002, c.18
2010-2011Senate Bill 1988Phases out cosmetic medical procedure gross receipts tax.* P.L.2011, c.189.
2010-2011Senate Bill 2130Revises sales and use tax to maintain compliance with certain terms and conditions of Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement. P.L.2011, c.49.
2010-2011Senate Bill 2208Allows certain organizations to file complaints with Council on Local Mandates in certain circumstances. P.L.2010, c.106.
2010-2011Senate Bill 2492Provides corporation with right to renounce corporate opportunity doctrine.P.L.2011, c.36.
2010-2011Senate Bill 2493Maintains right of corporate directors and officers to indemnification under certain circumstances. P.L.2011, c.31.
2010-2011Senate Bill 2980Eliminates limit on application of corporation business tax research credit to 50% of liability otherwise due. P.L.2011, c.83.
2010-2011Senate Bill 2981Decreases the minimum corporation business tax on certain New Jersey subchapter S corporations by 25%. P.L.2011, c.84.
2010-2011Senate Bill 3118Authorizes State oversight of municipalities in the Transitional Aid to Localities Program; appropriates $140,500,000 to DCA for Transitional Aid to Localities and administrative costs.P.L.2011, c.144.
2010-2011Senate Bill 3186Changes trigger for certain extended unemployment benefits. P.L.2011, c.206.
2010-2011Senate Bill 4000Appropriates $30,609,343,000 in State funds and $12,128,463,665 in federal funds for the State budget for fiscal year 2011-2012. P.L.2011, c.85.
2010-2011Senate Bill 4001Makes Fiscal Year 2011 State and federal supplemental appropriations, and amends certain Fiscal Year 2011 appropriations and other provisions of P.L.2010, c.35. P.L.2011, c.82.
2010-2011Senate Bill 6Streamlines process for State and local agency business permits related to economic development projects. * P.L.2011, c.34.
2012-2013Senate Bill 1928Concerns the escheat of stored value cards.* P.L.2012, c.14.
2012-2013Senate Bill 2012Makes FY 2012 State and federal supplemental appropriations totaling $256,743,000, reduces FY 2012 appropriations by $86,000,000, and amends and supplements various language provisions affecting appropriations in FY 2012.P.L.2012, c.12.
2012-2013Senate Bill 2013Appropriates $31,741,467,000 in State funds and $12,368,238,000 in federal funds for the State budget for fiscal year 2012-2013. Approved With Line Item Veto P.L.2012, c.18.
2012-2013Senate Bill 2532Clarifies charitable contributions are not a factor in determining where person is domiciled under New Jersey gross income tax. P.L.2013, c.73.
2012-2013Senate Bill 3000Appropriates $32,976,962,000 in State funds and $13,427,159,762 in federal funds for the State budget for fiscal year 2013-2014.P.L.2013, c.77.
2012-2013Senate Bill 3001Makes FY 2013 State supplemental appropriations totaling $224,837,000, reduces FY 2013 appropriations by $398,006,000, and supplements various language provisions affecting appropriations in FY 2013. P.L.2013, c.76.
2014-2015Senate Bill 2014Adjusts the FY2014 budget by making supplemental appropriations totaling $33,348,000 and modifying language provisions. P.L.2014, c.12.
2014-2015Senate Bill 2015Appropriates $32,537,765,000 in State funds and $15,013,691,000 in federal funds for the State budget for fiscal year 2014-2015.* Approved With Line Item Veto P.L.2014, c.14.

2014-2015Senate Bill 2276Reinserts in FY 2015 Appropriations Act language that was omitted due to a technical problem.P.L.2014, c.15.

2008 - 2009Senate Bill 3158Requires additional information on State's long-term liabilities be presented in State annual debt report. P.L.2009, c.304
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 3060Extends transmittal date deadline for fiscal year 2010-2011 gubernatorial budget message to the Legislature from fourth Tuesday in February to March 16, 2010. P.L.2009, c.269
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1418Revises sales and use tax to conform with Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement. P.L.2008, c.123
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 2526Provides a corporation business tax credit for certain digital media content expenses and concerning the film production expenses credit, amending P.L.2005, c.345. P.L.2007, c.257
2002-2003Assembly Resolution 206Urges the Governor of New York and the New York State Legislature to resist imposing a New York City wage tax on nonresidents.
2002-2003Assembly Bill 3079Concerns certain tobacco product manufactures. P.L.2003, c.25
2002-2003Assembly Bill 2233Exempts from New Jersey gross income tax the income of victims who died in September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against the Untied States. P.L.2003, c.9
2012-2013Senate Bill 1122Allows SPRS members to purchase SPRS credit for prior military service. P.L.2013, c.87.
2012-2013Senate Bill 2065Transfers New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority from DCA to Department of State. P.L.2012, c.15.
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1099Permits nonpartisan municipal elections to be held on same day as general elections.P.L.2009, c.196
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 12Requires certain election committees and certain other persons to file report with ELEC within 48 hours of making certain expenditures in excess of $800 during certain periods. P.L.2004, c.33
2002-2003Assembly Resolution 175Recognizes September 15th to October 15th of 2002 as National Hispanic Heritage Month.
2012-2013Senate Bill 1681Permits chief administrator of MVC to waive CDL skills test for certain applicants with military experience operating commercial motor vehicles.* P.L.2013, C.48.
2012-2013Senate Bill 1823Designates State Highway Route 7 bridge between Township of Belleville and Borough of North Arlington "Lance Corporal Osbrany Montes De Oca Memorial Bridge." * P.L.2012, c.58.
2014-2015Senate Bill 1571Designates State Highway Route No. 71 bridge between Borough of Belmar and Borough of Avon-by-the-Sea as "Robert A. Briant, Sr. Memorial Bridge." P.L.2014, c.30.
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 2479Increases penalties for failing to yield to pedestrian when pedestrian is seriously injured. P.L.2009, c.312.
2006 - 2007Senate Resolution 84Expresses support for various public transportation projects serving Bergen County.
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 2792Authorizes tenure in office for certain county road supervisors.P.L.2007, c.291
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 25Authorizes Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to establish additional air terminals. P.L.2007, c.75
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 341Requires DOT to conduct study of Personal Rapid Transit to alleviate congestion and supplement rail transportation options. P.L.2004, c.160
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 2534Extends validity of commercial motor vehicle registrations to 12 months. P.L.2005, c.214
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 251Requires DOT to ban right turn on red at unsafe intersections, erect signs at crosswalks and considers pedestrian safety when distributing discretionary aid. P.L.2005, c.158
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1969Regulates certain devices which interfere with traffic control signals. P.L.2005, c.96
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1831Establishes transportation planning district for Meadowlands District and permits fees to be assessed for transportation purposes. P.L.2005, c.102
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1770Permits certain lights on vehicles of members of volunteer emergency services. P.L.2005, c.218
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1140Concerns hours of service of commercial motor vehicles operating in intrastate commerce. P.L.2004, c.97
2002-2003Assembly Resolution 151Memorializes Congress and the President to enact long-term solution to rail crisis by providing for continuation of national passenger rail service by Amtrak.
2002-2003Assembly Resolution 128Memorializes President and Congress to direct FAA to include noise reduction as major goal of redesign of aircraft traffic patterns over New Jersey.
2002-2003Assembly Bill 1946Establishes United We Stand license plate to support United States State Department’s Rewards for Justice Program. P.L.2002, c.52
2012-2013Senate Bill 1075Extends burial of indigent veterans to those who did not serve in time of war; clarifies role of DMVA in identifying deceased veterans; provides additional funding, subject to availability, for burial of indigent veterans.* P.L.2013, c.238.
2014-2015Senate Bill 361Provides for voluntary contributions by taxpayers on gross income tax returns for development of Northern New Jersey Veterans Memorial Cemetery. P.L.2014, c.4.
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1850Designates bridge carrying State Highway Route No. 3 over the Passaic River between the Borough of Rutherford and the City of Clifton as the "Chaplain Charles J. Watters Memorial Bridge." P.L.2009, c.215
2006 - 2007Senate Bill 188Allows disabled veteran's surviving spouse to claim property tax exemption when veteran's disability declaration is granted after death. P.L.2007, c.317
2002-2003Assembly Resolution 219Urges Congress to reimburse certain older veterans for certain medical expenses.
2010-2011Senate Bill 1811Reduces 2010 minimum racing dates; makes various changes to breeders' awards during 2010; authorizes certain loans. * P.L.2010, c.18.
2010-2011Senate Bill 1980Revises various off-track wagering provisions of the "Off-Track and Account Wagering Act."P.L.2011, c.26.
2010-2011Senate Bill 2390Decreases annual standardbred race dates to 75 minimum upon consent from Standardbred Breeders and Owners Association of New Jersey; increases to 5% maximum amount of certain purse moneys that may be distributed to aid horsemen.* P.L.2011, c.50.
2008 - 2009Senate Resolution 85Advocates saving Ellis Island by raising public awareness of its role in America's heritage and need for rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of its buildings.
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 2792Permits standardbred permit holder at Meadowlands Racetrack to decrease annual number of race dates to no less than 141, and permit holders at Freehold Raceway to no less than 168, upon agreement with representative horsemen's organization. P.L.2009, c.92
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1768Permits siting of NJ Hall of Fame project anywhere in State; clarifies responsibility of NJ Sports and Exposition Authority to establish corporation to operate project and specifies membership of corporation.P.L.2008, c.109
2008 - 2009Senate Bill 1393Authorizes transfer of the Atlantic City Convention Center project to the Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority and renames that authority. P.L.2008, c.47
2004 - 2005Senate Bill 1127Concerns leasing of NJ Sports and Exposition Authority's racetracks; allows authority to assign off-track and account wagering licenses; revises minimum thoroughbred race date requirements; provides for additional board members appointed by presiding offiP.L.2004, c.116
2002-2003Senate Bill 2638Appropriates $5,291,621 from “Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund” to provide grants for certain historic preservation projects. P.L.2003, c.135